Blackjack System


Blackjack betting systems

Vingt-et-un, Twenty-one or Blackjack is one of the most wide-spread and playable casino games in the world. The game first appeared in 1700s. Since that time this game gained huge popularity among gamblers. Blackjack is a game of luck, like any other casino game, but what separates this game from multitude of gambling games is that there are several powerful Blackjack systems which are obligatory to follow while playing for beating the house. Of course, there is no casino game system which guarantees the win to the player, but using them one can reduce the house edge greatly and increase winning odds.

Our article highlights the main principles of the Martingale betting system and card counting. So, familiarize yourself with this information and you will certainly find some methods which will be of use to you.

Blackjack Systems Basics

The advanced blackjack systems require big bankroll and more complicated count from the player. These systems are rather risky but with the perfect understanding of all peculiarities one can succeed in beating the dealer.

Martingale System and Card Counting

The main aspect of the Martingale system is that a player should double his bet after losing if the count he is following is positive and stop increasing his bets when the count proves to be negative. For example, you started with a $5 wager. If you double your bet after positive count and reach $25 and the following count is negative, you should bet $25 until the winning and wager $5 till the positive count. If you win while the positive count, try to make big bets.

Casinos Precautionary Measures

When the main ideas and aspects set out in “Beat the Dealer” (Thorp) became popular and used by many players casinos started to change the game’s rules making it less favorable for players who count. As a result blackjack started to lose its popularity because these rules were less favorable for other players either. That is why later all casinos abandoned almost all unfavorable rule changes.

If a player is suspected as a card counter at the table, he will be asked to leave. But a card counter which follows above mentioned system wouldn’t be suspected because usually casinos notice $5- $100 bets.