Blackjack System



Blackjack is a common card based table game in most of the traditional and online casino and people love to enjoy this game. This is a card game where the players can use their own and unique strategy and thinking to change the outcome of the game and if anyone is able to use the perfect strategy, then that player can win a lot and make the house edge below 1 percent. People use different betting strategies in blackjack and progressive is the most popular of them. When you bet on a game, you have to decide whether you bet more or less than you lost or won in the last round and that is how progressive systems work.

These betting systems can be mentioned as negative or positive and in a negative system, you have to increase your betting amount after you lose a round and for a positive system, you need to raise your betting amount after you win. Similar thinking will be done if you win for a negative system you have to start from the base betting amount and if you lose for a positive system then you have to start again form the base betting amount. There are many systems and Martingale, Parlay and Paroli are the most common betting system in blackjack and you can choose any of these based on your betting amount per round and budget for the game.

D'Alembert Betting System

This system has the popularity for its simplicity and this is an upgrade version of martingale betting system. When you win a round in blackjack then according to this system you have to lower your betting amount for single unit but if you lose, then you have to raise your betting amount for single unit. This system has come by the famous mathematician named Jean le Rond D'Alembert and he was born in France in the 18th century. Based on his theory, you will have greater winning chances after you lost a round and you will have lower winning chances after you won a round. This theory is not so effective in gambling but in longer run you can win a lot and lose only few if you stick with the system.

When you play blackjack at online casinos like, you have to fix a unit to bet per round and if you lose a round than double the unit of betting amount but if you win the next round then reduce 1 unit from the winning betting units. That is the theory and this is really effective if you have fewer funds to use martingale betting theory and you want to play longer time with a short amount. This system can work perfectly in other casino games and roulette is such a game where this system really has great opportunity for the players and never does your own math when you are using this system.