Blackjack System


Methods They Used

If you ever heard about a MIT student then you will think about their mechanical or mathematical inventions so you will never surprise that they can do greater maths in their real life for any occasion. You can be shocked that some MIT students turned their merits for gambling and they formed a great team of blackjack players and all of them were great card counters and they were able to win over million from casinos of Las Vegas.


This was started from the exceptional class where students were learnt about gambling if they had to do that and from that class some students tried to learn the basic and real gambling and that turned that team the 1st of the university. They studied the common card counting theory and in the 1st half of 1980s then formed the 1st team.

They got most of their ideas from the famous book of famous player Ken Uston. In this book, not the card counting techniques were discussed only, but the team counting systems and that made the team for their operation. Uston make clear that players couldn't act like they were part of a team because if the casino could find out then none would be able to play.

When, they became skilled about all the techniques of Uston then they started to apply those techniques in real game, and they started with $5000 and in a few weeks they won around $20000 for that but after a month they started to lose and for the next few months they won and lost at the same time so they tried to evaluate their systems to make better success in the game.

Real Team-Play

When a team member J.P. Massar had the visit with Bill Kaplan a great blackjack team coach, then Kaplan told him about the real team play and he also showed him the success of his team. After checking their winning strategies Massar started his team from beginning and he got help from Kaplan about the mistakes of his team players.

There was a main mistake of the team and soon Kaplan found out that the team were using different card counting techniques to count cards then Kaplan suggested Massar to use common technique for all players of the team and that really worked in the future. Massar and Kaplan were using new rules to leach each player of the team and they used special class for each player when that player passed that class then the player had the chance to prove in the casino what he learnt from the class.

They started to use unique card counting technique and all players were using same technique, so the rate for making mistakes decreased rapidly and they made an investment around $90000 to play. They started their adventure a win over millions within a few months until the team broke up.