Blackjack System



This is a common betting system used by many gamblers in online or offline or both types of casinos. This betting system is similar with the Paroli unless this is a progressive system where a pyramid is built by the system and players can win more than usual.

How It Works

Like other progressive betting systems, you have to use this system with the regular strategy of the game and you also need to know how the situation of a game can be used for your own favor and if you can so do then you will be a great gainer in a short period.

Using the System

In this system players must have a base bet and when the player win a bet then the player has to add the winnings with the betting amount as the next bet and this will go on if the player wins consistently and when the player loses a round then the player has to start from the begging and that is the base rule of the system.

“Let It Ride” is the popular name of the system because players have to ride the winnings by adding the winnings with the betting amount every time they win.

An Example of the System

We have discussed an example to give you clear view about the betting system and its working procedures. Suppose, you are playing blackjack with a $10 betting amount and if you win then you will get $10 winnings and $10 your initial betting amount. If you use Parlay system and win a round then your next betting amount will be $20 and if you win that round too then next betting amount will be $40 and go on until you lose a round and if you lose start from the base $10 betting amount.

When you are determined to use this system you must fix the highest limit for your bet and after getting the highest limit you must start from the beginning. This is the best way to use the system and a higher and lower limit can produce enough results in a game if you stick to the rules of the betting system.