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Blackjack gamblers' superstitions

It is not a secret that gamblers used to be superstitious. Some of superstitions them are forgotten by casino players some are not.

Blackjack Superstitions

  • Some players believe that it is bad luck to sit on the left of a dealer. They consider it a bad luck as those who are sitting left receive first cards of the deck.
  • Another wide-spread superstition is that there are cold and hot blackjack tables. Some gamblers believe that if the players win at some certain table, this table is hot and if the players lose it is cold. As a result, if the player wins, he/ she believes the superstition and if one loses he think that it is a bad luck and that he is considered to be a victim.
  • One more superstition is a rabbit's foot which considered a powerful weapon against bad luck while playing casino games. Actually, it is believed that a foot of a poor animal absorbs this very bad luck. Despite of ridicule of this superstitious belief a lot of gamblers are sure that it is possible to increase greatly their winning odds in such a way.
  • And of course, women. In spite of the fact that those times when women were sacrificed at feasts and fed to volcanoes passed many years ago, many male gamblers nowadays still trying to avoid blackjack tables the women is sitting at. Moreover, some of world famous casino players, male of course, suffer from female-phobia.
  • Probably it is rather hard to believe but some players refuse to take a payout if it is of some specific denomination. For example, Tom McEvoy, a famous poker winner, refused to touch the note at face value of $50 when playing Poker.

So, as you can see there are a lot of different superstitions created by gamblers during many years, and it is no doubt that there will be a lot of them in the future. It is up to you to decide whether to follow them or not, but first of all, every casino player should remember that it is much better to rely upon knowledge, skills and systems while playing, especially if you are going to play Blackjack.