Blackjack System


Uston Counts

Ken Uston was a famous name in blackjack history, who created and organized a great team of blackjack players, who were able to manage huge winnings in different casinos in Las Vegas and he was able to get court order to use card counting techniques in blackjack if the player used the technique only by their brain without any help from other players or objects.

Uston formed a great team of blackjack players, who usually visited casinos and they did not start playing until the time was right. When one of them, a great counter thought that the perfect time had come he instructed someone and a great player then started playing the game with big amount of bet and for most of the cases they won the game. They never started the game from beginning but they started when the time was perfect and they made great counting of those cards.

Uston was not a great gambler only; he was a great writer too. He wrote different books on blackjack and different strategies of the game. He discussed about different techniques of the game in his books and he also described how the card counting really worked in the game. “Million Dollar Blackjack” was his famous book about blackjack and its strategies and techniques. He described about his own card counting theory in the book and that theory is known as the Advanced Point Count of Uston. This theory helps people to fix their betting strategy when the player is losing or winning and this can make the winnings bigger and losing amount smaller.

Advanced Point Count

The main aim of blackjack is gaining 21 or close point to beat the dealer without busting and when you get 21 or closer point you can get bet more than usual and win more but you have to bet before you have your hand and that is the problem.

This problem can be solved if you have great estimation about the cards that already dealt and about the cards that are going to be dealt. If you can assume which cards can be dealt next then you can bet according to that and for this you need to use a card counting technique and this is not an easy job to do for a newer player.

How Uston Count Works

This technique works by giving point for different cards of the deck. 2s and 8s have the value plus 1 and 3s, 4s, 6s and 7s have the value plus 2 and 5s have the value plus 3 and when a 9 comes then reduce 1 and if 10s and other face cards come then reduce 3. Aces are act as neutral in this system so you can ignore those from counting.

When you have the correct point in your mind then you can decide which cards will come next and according that you can make your bets and by this way winning great amount in a single bet will be easy for you.