Blackjack System


Wong Halves Counting

Stanford Wong was the inventor of Wong Halves card counting technique and this is great technique to use in blackjack. This technique has higher success rates than other card counting technique but this is complicated than other techniques and it has level 3 according to the measurement of other techniques. In the book the “Professional Blackjack”, Stanford Wong had described this card counting technique.

This is the card counting technique which had higher success records but it is complicated than others so beginners of card counting technique are suggested to avoid this technique to learn and use in a game. When you are a new player in blackjack then easier techniques like Hi-Lo, Knockout Blackjack or KiSS are the perfect techniques for you but if you are already skilled in these techniques then you can choose this technique for your further knowledge about card counting and after you are becoming skilled you will be able to have greater success in the game.

How This Technique Works

In this card counting system, some cards have fraction values and that makes it more complicated than others so you must have great patient and experience to be skilled on this technique. The values of cards are given below:

10s, Js, Qs, Ks and the aces have the value minus 1; 7s and 2s have the value 1/2; 6s, 4s and 3s have the value 1; 5s have the value 1 ½; 8s have the value 0; and 9s have the value minus1/2. There are many card counters, who make this system easier by doubling each value to evade fractions from the counting. This technique makes the system easier for most of the players.

When you want to have a look on this technique, you have to make sure that you are practicing a lot before using this in a real game. You must be skilled in this technique otherwise you can make wrong decision while playing the game and that can make you huge loss in the game. When you learn the theory then practice this with a deck. This is one of the balanced card counting technique so when you have completed the counting of a deck then you have to start from zero for the next deck.